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On Saturday, I had a rare day to myself.  This does not happen often, especially on the weekend.  My husband was out refereeing youth football, our “extra” kids were both out of town, and I had the house all to myself.  Joy!

I got up, realized I was alone, and then decided to do what only I would want to do.  You know, all the stuff that has the potential to annoy everyone else icon smile How To Find Your Joy Again .  I turned on HGTV (haven’t done that in ages), and went up to the attic to get the fall decorations.  Things like pillows, pictures, candles, throws, etc. – all the things that make rooms cozier for the cooler weather.  I really enjoy decorating for the seasons. 

I got lots of exercise (bonus!) by going up and down the steps to the attic at least ten times.  I also got my color fix – I love color, and adding the beautiful fall color things in the house makes me very happy.  And in between it all I watched other people’s homes being redecorated and renovated on televison.  Bliss.

All of us have things in our lives we know will make us happy, even joyful.  Quite often they are things we don’t take the time to do nearly enough, because we are so busy doing what we think is more important.  For me, it’s things like playing the piano just for fun, and not to practice for anything.  Singing worship songs as loud as I want to.  Planting pots of flowers in the spring.  Rescuing an old piece of furniture by painting it.  Seeing the look on someone’s face when they understand a financial concept for the first time.  Doing a favor for someone else.  Spending time being quiet with God.

Do you know what the things are that make you happy?  Some of us need to really think about what they are.  Write them all down.  Then pick one and do it the next time you need some joy and fun.  When your spouse asks you what you want to do for your birthday, guarantee yourself a great day by showing them the list!  If you are having a tough Monday (or any other day), take some time, even if it’s just a few minutes, to find your joy again. 

I am speaking to myself today by writing this.  My laptop computer is in the middle of a breakdown.  I do not have very much patience for these types of situations.  As I attempt to repair it, I put on some favorite worship music, and lit the pumpkin cream pie candle.   I know what soothes my mind.

I also encourage you to find joy in trying new things.  You just may surprise yourself.  A great example is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  I have coordinated this course many times.  Often one spouse will drag the other to the first class.  I have never had anyone say they didn’t enjoy it.  Who knew there could be joy in talking about money, and getting your finances and investments in order?  Some of us live in such chaos, it’s impossible to find our joy.

Doing the things you love brings a measure of peace along with the joy, even if it’s only for a few minutes or hours.  Be intentional about it.  It just may redesign your life!

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