How Women Build a Multimillion Dollar Business

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What does it take for a woman to build a multimillion dollar business?  Mary Cantando knows, as she helps women cultivate business with large corporations through Woman Business Owner. Mary’s mission is to help women build multimillion dollar businesses.  Sounds like way too fun to me icon smile How Women Build a Multimillion Dollar Business .

Mary was my guest on Intelligent Investing radio in April, and we had a great talk about the characteristics of women who build multimillion dollar businesses. You can go to  ITunes to listen to the show, or download it for free to listen to at your convenience.

There are several things women who are this successful in business have in common:

High Pace

Women who own multimillion dollar businesses are not afraid to work hard. They have business skills, and are not afraid to use them. They will do what it takes to make their dream happen, and will go after it until it’s done.   They will do difficult things other women will not do, and what other women think is too much work.

High Peace

Women who own multimillion dollar businesses also have high peace.  They know where to go to find their peaceful place, and will go there (even if it’s only in their mind) when necessary. They know what makes them feel happy and peaceful, and if it’s something as simple as walking the dog, they do it.  Their life is not all work, work, work.   In other words, they know how to find some balance.

Think, Dream, Play Big

Women who own multimillion dollar businesses know how to think, dream, and play big.  They know how to think things through, create a big vision, and play it out on a big scale. There is no halfway to creating a multimillion dollar business.  They know how to set their goals high, higher than most of us would think possible.   They do not set limitations on what they think can do, or allow other people to set limitations on them either.   They never give up.


Women who own multimillion dollar businesses know how to make their business different.  They know how to make their business stand out from the masses of other businesses out there, often by taking a old concept and presenting it in a new way.


Women who own multimillion dollar businesses get their business certified.  This gives their business more credibility with corporations. WBNC certification validates a business is at least 51% owned, controlled, operated, and managed by women, and the business meets high standards.  For more information on getting your business certified, visit the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Wild Passion

Women who own multimillion dollar businesses are wildly passionate about their business.  Of all the characteristics these women have in common, this one is the key. If you are wildly passionate about your business, everything else can be learned, and will fall into place.  If you are not passionate, you will give up before you fulfill your dream, probably at the first seemingly big obstacle.  Don’t even think about trying to stop a passionate woman from reaching her dream!

Mary Cantando has written several books, including Nine Lives: Stories of Women Business Owners Landing on Their FeetYou can find more information about Mary Cantando and products available for women business owners at The Women’s Advantage, and Women Business Owner.

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