The 10 Best Things My Mom Taught Me

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This post is in honor of my Mom, and all the moms out there who do their best to instill great values in their children.  Mom, I want you to know I was listening.  Try not to be surprised icon smile The 10 Best Things My Mom Taught Me .

Here is what I consider to be the some of  the very best stuff my Mom taught me:

  1. How to be a woman of God. This was teaching at its best – by example.
  2. Women can be anything we want to be. My Mom believes it, and made sure I did too.
  3. The value of reading. My Grandpa taught it to my Mom, and she passed it along to me.  My love affair with books will continue for the rest of my life, providing hours upon hours of education and entertainment.
  4. Life has ups and downs.  Winners persist. Winners never give up – you only lose if you quit.
  5. Complaining gets you nowhere. Complaining is a waste of everyone’s time – your time, and the time of the poor people who have to listen to you.
  6. How to have a servant attitude. My Mom always puts everything and everyone before herself. 
  7. A love of music. When I started plunking out Sunday School tunes on the piano at age 6, my Mom’s response was to pack me off to the piano teacher.  This led to one of the biggest joys in my life – making music in church.
  8. Women rock at running a business. My Mom managed someone else’s business for over 20 years.  The owner would have been completely lost without her.
  9. Talents are given to be used. Mom made sure I understood that when you are given many talents, much is going to be expected of you.
  10. Always give your very best to whatever you do. My Mom has never been afraid of working hard, and always gives her best to whatever she is doing.  She instilled in me the pursuit of excellence.

Thanks Mom for always believing in me.

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