What is the Purpose for Your Money?

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Have you ever really stopped to think about what the purpose for your money is? I have to confess I never really did, until someone asked me this question several years ago. Answering that question started a life-changing journey for me.

On the surface of it, it seems so simple. Of course we know what money is for – it’s to buy stuff we need (or want). Money is the tool of exchange we use to purchase goods and services.

It really bothered me that I never considered my real purpose for money. And it bothered me more that I didn’t have an immediate answer to the question. I had to really think about it. Even then I wasn’t exactly sure what my personal answer should be. One question started a journey of discovery over the last 5 years.

This journey is on-going, and will last the rest of my life. I would like to share my personal journey so far with you.

Kingdom Advisors

Soon after I was asked the question, some financial advisor friends told me about Kingdom Advisors (thanks Phyllis and Maria!). Kingdom Advisors is a non-profit organization that equips professionals in the financial and legal industries to integrate biblical principles with their advice.

The training I received from Kingdom Advisors helped me become clear about how God wants us to manage our money. It also made my work as a financial advisor become a calling.

Kingdom Advisors clarified for me the teachings of the Bible on money and possessions. Realizing that God owns it all, and we are just managing His resources, made it much easier to understand the role of money in my life.

The Blessed Life

Another big event was visiting my son Nathan’s church in Arkansas. They had just completed a sermon series based on Robert Morris’s book The Blessed Life. I read it, and have read it several times since. This book helped me understand that if we want the 90% of our money to be blessed, we have to give the 10% tithe first. Otherwise our money will be cursed.

Dave Ramsey

I also met Matt Wegner, a certified financial coach for Dave Ramsey. At that point I had never heard of Dave Ramsey, and was very skeptical of this guy who claimed we should “live like no one else, so we can [later] live like no one else.” But I have a lot of respect for Matt, and he encouraged me to take the Financial Peace University course.

We (my husband Scott and I) finally followed through by taking Financial Peace University, after Scott became unemployed. I am not exaggerating when I say Financial Peace University gave us the gift of incredible peace throughout a long 18 month unemployment for Scott. And gave us the courage to continue tithing during that whole time of uncertainty, because we knew God had a better plan in store.

The last class in Financial Peace University is called The Great Misunderstanding. The Great Misunderstanding is the mistaken belief that the way to have more [money] is to hold on to it very tightly. Financial Peace University was another important step in my journey to finding my purpose for money.

My Purpose for Money

It took me a long time to fully understand my purpose for money. God has revealed it to me through this journey – my purpose for money is to be an amazing giver. “Amazing” is my own word, added to express my desire to do the out of the ordinary. Things so big only God could have made it happen, and it had nothing to do with me.

Now hopefully you will understand why I say it’s okay to want to make a lot of money. Kingdom causes are waiting. There are people to feed, children to save from starvation and slavery, and many wonderful organizations to support. God is refining my purpose for money as I continue my journey.

Here’s my challenge to you today. Give some thought to discovering your purpose for money. Ask God to reveal it to you. Learn how to manage your money His way, and step into the purpose for money God has for you.

New Profile Pic 2599R What is the Purpose for Your Money?Pamela Otten is CEO of Pamela Otten LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. She loves to work with women business owners and entrepreneurs, and women in transition due to job change, death, or divorce. Pamela will help you set and reach your financial goals, educate you to understand your investments, and teach you how to do more charitable giving. Pamela is a Qualified Kingdom Advisor (www.kingdomadvisors.org), trained and committed to integrating biblical principles with her investment advice.

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Bill Fleischhauer August 3, 2011 at 9:59 pm

Wonderful article Pamela ** Thank you for the Challenge regarding my Purpose for Money… My turn to listen***


Pat Cruickshank August 4, 2011 at 1:31 pm

Thankyou for the post. I will give more thought and prayer today to cement what I feel is my real purpose surrounding money


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