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I know I’m aging myself here, but I’ll go there and admit I grew up listening to James Taylor, and loving his song “You’ve Got a Friend.”  There is just something about that song that makes you feel so loved. 

I have been very visibly reminded of what’s really important in life in the last month.  A good friend of mine ( in her 40’s) had a massive stroke.  She should have died, but God had another plan.  God showed up, showed off, and is giving her an amazing testimony to His love and faithfulness as she recovers.

From time to time we all have struggles – some more serious than others.  I want to encourage you today if you are struggling, especially with your finances.  Money, especially the lack of it, affects all areas of our life.

We all make mistakes.  I like to tell people I am uniquely qualified to be a financial advisor, since I have made almost every money mistake in the book.  I know how you feel when you do something you regret.

Understand you are not alone.  There is help out there for you!   Give yourself some grace.  Draw a line in the sand, and say I won’t live like this anymore!   

I want you to know I will be there for you when you need me.  I will help you through your financial difficulties, and set you on the road to being successful with money.   

It is possible to feel joy and peace in your financial life.  Let me be your friend, and inspire you to manage your money God’s way. 

I’m sending you grace and joy today.  Receive it, and let me know how you have inspired or encouraged someone else today.  Please comment below – I’d love to hear your stories!

New Profile Pic 2599R Youve Got a Friend in MePamela Otten is CEO of Pamela Otten LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. She loves to work with women business owners and entrepreneurs, and women in transition due to job change, death, or divorce. Pamela will help you set and reach your financial goals, educate you to understand your investments, and teach you how to do more charitable giving. Pamela is a Qualified Kingdom Advisor (, trained and committed to integrating biblical principles with her investment advice.

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Sharon O'Day September 1, 2011 at 5:42 am

Pam, as I see people struggling with money, I realize it feels like a very lonely place to each of them. It’s that insidious wall of silence that money creates and that keeps them from wanting to talk about it, as if it carries some sort of shame. Which, of course, it doesn’t. But that’s when people most need a friend. Love this article …
Sharon O’Day´s last [type] ..A Love Note


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